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is a joint venture enterprise with foreign investments form Taiwan and Japan. Located in Baijiao and established in 1997. Its main body was Japan's Number One Parts Industry CO., LTD with 20 years history. The registered capital is 1 Million USD, The factory size is 4,000 square meters. 

WATANABE PRECISION METAL (ZHUHAI) CO., LTD specializes in the production of the case and base of audio and card reading and other precise hardware. Its production equipment is mainly from Japan and Taiwan, more than 90% of its products are exported to Hong Kong, Japan, and USA and many European countries and has obtained certificate of the Quality System Approval IS09001..

As one of the manufactures who possess all-automatic precise shift punch in China, WATANABE PRECISION METAL (ZHUHAI) CO.,LTD has admitted advantage in producing the case of magnetic head with top quality equal to Japan and other excellent manufactures. In order to manage in many aspects it continuously develops and researches products concerned with electrical equipment, office equipment, computer and furniture etc. It has set up good reputation and gained reliable among customers in price and delivery.

By the principle 換uality and customer first?and the aim 揵ravely develop, steadily improve, seek perfect, create elaborate product?  WATANABE PRECISION METAL (ZHUHAI) CO., LTD would work together with its customer for mutual progress and success.

Main Equipments

  • Automatic Shifting 9 Steps Punch Press, (Made in Japan)

  • Automatic High-Speed 45 Ton Punch Press, (Made in Taiwan)

  • Automatic High-Speed 25 Ton Punch Press, (Made in Taiwan)

  • 25 Ton Punch Press, (Made in China)

  • 10 Ton Punch Press, (Made in China)

  • 6.3 Ton Automatic Punch Press, (Made in China)


Testing Equipments

  • Optical Projection Instrument, (Made in Japan)
  • Microscopes




Equipments for Heat Treatment

  • High-Temperature Tunnel Furnace
  • Mid-Temperature Tempering Furnace

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